6 Resolutions to Get in a Healthy Frame of Mind


We’re ending January with probably the most positive resolution: Resolve not to resolve to lose weight. During the New Year, most people focus on change and make resolutions. It’s a natural time to reflect on our lives, our goals, our futures. But what happens when we tie those resolutions to a random BMI number?

How do we view our resolutions about falling in love with food and exercise if our weight does not change? Or, what if we don’t get to a “goal weight”? Or do we stop healthy activities because we’ve lost ten pounds? Or the weight just doesn’t seem to come off?

The resolution is a birth of an idea that has to be developed to reach reality. Developing this idea can take a lifetime, should take a lifetime, as health resolutions impact our energy levels, strength, brain function, gut health and more.

So, as a registered personal trainer and dietitian, I implore you to resolve not to resolve to lose weight. So, where does that leave us with? Not to worry! There are many amazing resolutions I recommend to get you healthy!

  1. Resolve to reduce stress: Stress is a necessary part of daily life, but managing stress is essential for physical and mental health. Eat healthy (avoid sugars and highly processed foods). Exercise. Get sun. Laugh. Carve out time to do things you love. Meditate (for perspective and to be present). Step away from the news and social media.
  2. Resolve to drink more water: This one’s easy, and so so healthy! Move over processed juices and bring on some water. Drink water with lemon, cucumber slices, or cut up melon and strawberries. Download a water app to track what you drink and keep your body clean and healthy.
  3. Resolve to reduce food waste: In the United States, yearly, approximately 60 billion tons of produce are thrown away. Everything from buying in-season fruits from farmer’s markets to sticking to a grocery list are ways to reduce waste, save money, save the environment, and eat healthier.
  4. Resolve to say, ‘yes’ to the things that bring you joy: Do you love reading? Do you love having coffee with a friend? Do you love going to the movies alone? Do that. Do that more. Because the more joy you bring into your life, the healthier you’ll be.
  5. Resolve to make meals memorable: “When walking, walk. When eating, eat.” (Zen proverb). Whether you’re eating alone or have to serve dinner for a big family, make meals matter. Make meals memorable. Because every bite is a gift. A meal doesn’t begin with the first bite, instead the idea. So get excited. Plan ahead. Go grocery shopping with friends or your kids. Prepare the meal together. Make this time sacred with no TV, no telephones, no computers allowed. If eating alone, light a candle, and make it a time to reflect on and cherish the things you did during the day. In family or with friends, listen to the beautiful stories your family has to share. Eat alone to connect to yourself. #EatTogether and connect with your family, friends, and community.
  6. Resolve to love your body: Because you are gorgeous.

We’re wrapping up a month of resolutions with resolutions you can stick to. When it doubt, start with #6 because when you love and honor your body, that’s the first true step toward health.

Here’s to a 2018 filled with laughter, health, connection and being present!