NYC Certified Nutritionist Insurance Plans for Medical Nutrition Therapy


We are in-network with most insurance plans. Keep in mind that not all plans are equal since nutrition is a specialty. Your plan may not cover nutrition counseling or medical nutrition therapy; moreover, the amount that you owe will depend on the specific health insurance plan you have.

If you have any questions, call the number on your insurance card to learn more about your coverage.

We also recommend you use this insurance script when calling your insurance company to help you determine if your plan covers medical nutrition therapy.

Eat Right - Registered Dietitian in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and The Bronx.

(*) Reason for visit / visit code
Allergy Nutrition Consultation / Z71.3, Z71.9
Breast Feeding Nutrition Consultation / Z71.3, Z71.9
Diabetes (Type 1) Consultation E10.9, Z71.3, Z71.9
Diabetes (Type 2) Consultation E11.9, Z71.3, Z71.9
Digestive Problem Consultation / Z71.3, Z71.9
Eating Disorder Nutrition Consultation F50.9, Z71.3, Z71.9
Irritable Bowel Disease (IDB) Diet Consultation / K58.9, Z71.3, Z71.9
Infertility Nutrition Consultation / Z71.3, Z71.9
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Consultation / K58.0, Z71.3, Z71.9
General Nutrition and Wellness Consultation / Z71.3, Z71.9

Heart Health Consultation / Z71.3, Z71.9
High Blood Pressure Diet Consultation / R03.0, Z71.3, Z71.9
High Cholesterol/Lipids Consultation / E78.0, Z71.3, Z71.9
Kidney Health Diet Consultation N28.9, Z71.3, Z71.9
Liver Diet Health Consultation / Z71.3, Z71.9
Pregnancy Nutrition Consultation / Z71.3, Z71.9
Reflux/Heartburn Diet Consultation / Z71.3, Z71.9
Sports Nutrition Consultation / Z71.3, Z71.9
Underweight Nutrition Consultation /R63.6, Z71.3, Z71.9
Weight Loss Consultation / E66.3, E66.9, E66.01, Z71.3, Z71.9

Our approach is simple: eat what you like, learn to moderate certain foods and make informed food decisions. Start today!